Selling Your Ideas

Selling Your Ideas

Publishers will just as soon buy a great idea as a great manuscript. If you have a book idea, StyleMatters can help you connect with the right publisher in a number of ways: with a book proposal, through our publishing consulting services or by literary agency.

A book proposal sells publishers on your idea, your authorship and your book’s potential readership—even before you dedicate months to developing a manuscript.

As your publishing consultant, we partner with you to find the right niche for your book, advise you on the best publishers to target and show you how to reach them. As your literary agent, we represent you and your book to potential publishers, work to sell your idea and act as advisor to you throughout contract negotiations.

Whatever your preferred course, StyleMatters partners with you to transform your book idea into a commercial success.

  • The Writer’s Corner

    Writer's Coach

    Stumped by writer’s block? Need pointers on creating an outline? Nourish your prose with tips and inspiration from our writers.

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  • Book Marketing

    Book Marketing

    You’ve published your book—now what? Discover effective ways you can connect with readers.

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  • Copyeditor’s Desk

    Copyeditors Desk

    Affect or effect? Insure or ensure? We answer your questions on the nitty-gritty of copyediting.

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  • We’re Global

    Global Services

    Aren’t based in Philadelphia, New York or Washington D.C.? Not a problem. Most of our projects are done successfully over the phone and email. We’ve worked for clients as far as Japan, China, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and India.

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  • Project Management

    Project Management

    We organize jobs large and small using a customized web-based project management system called Basecamp. Let us know if you’d like to take a tour and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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