Self Publishing: 5 Reasons to Go Your Own Way

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Get your book on the shelf!Many authors spend incredible amounts of time and energy looking for the perfect literary agent. And if you’re receiving rejection after rejection, you’re not alone. But in the digital age, your options are exploding—and there are more and more advantages to self-publishing.

1. Self-publishing eliminates the barriers between you and your audience. Even once you’ve landed an agent, your journey is only just beginning—and there’s no guarantee your book will ever see print. Self-publishing means you decide when, where, and how audiences can access your book, and it all happens on your terms.

2. Ebook devices put your book directly in the hands of readers. Kindles, Nooks, and iPads give you a means to put your work directly in the hands of your readers through major online retailers like Amazon. When readers search for books, they’ll see your title right next to traditionally published books.

3. Time is money.  Even if you do find an agent, it can take months or years for your agent to sell your book. And even if your agent does sell your book to a traditional publisher, it will still take at least another year before your book is on shelves. In the same amount of time, you can write and self-publish multiple titles—meaning your work will be earning you money as soon as it’s online.

4. Self-publishing creates a higher ROI. The initial costs of self-publishing are high, but once your book is published, the profits are yours. While traditional publishing requires no investment on your part, you’ll split your advance (if you get one!) with your agent, and your publisher will take the bulk of the profit from your work.

5. Resources for self-publishing authors are abundant. The work involved in producing and designing your book and readying it for online publication might seem daunting at first, but there’s a bevy of experts who can help you through the process and ensure your product is in tip-top shape. Professional editors and book developers can guarantee you a book that will be as good—if not better—as if you’d published with one of the Big Six.

Publishing doesn’t have to mean toiling in obscurity for years—or decades. A changing world means changing options, and self-publishing just might be the best choice you’ll make for your writing career.

2 Comments on "Self Publishing: 5 Reasons to Go Your Own Way"

  1. Hudson Mohawk Press May 27, 2012 at 11:57 pm ·

    Publishing is slowly turning on its head. The conglomerate publishers and superagents are scrambling to figure out how to remain relevant in the fast-changing publishing landscape, and fishing for self-publishing success is one way they are doing it. But the future of publishing belongs to small firms nimble enough to respond to changing market conditions. The conglomerate publishers and superagents will be sidelined by entrepreneurs who will handle some of what the conglomerate publishers and superagents used to handle, without acting as gatekeepers like the big guys do now. Those entrepreneurs, along with smaller publishers and authors directly, will partner with digitally-savvy book marketers. As between publishers and authors, leverage will shift to the author or other creator of content, from the “deep pockets” of the publisher, making traditional agents largely irrelevant. We are already seeing that with successful self-published authors crossing over to “mainstream” publishers, with or without agents. Who do you think is in the more powerful position there? The answer seems clear. I look forward to the time when superagents and conglomerate publishers are no longer seen as the only, or “best”, route to getting published. It seems like we’re almost there.

  2. StyleMatters May 31, 2012 at 1:29 am ·

    Thanks so much for your insight. The voice of the small press is something we haven’t explored much here on the Style Matters’ blog. It’s a perspective that we need to see more of!

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