Writing Tips Wednesday: Best Hashtags for Writers

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Do you know how to connect with other writers on Twitter?It’s no secret: I love Twitter as a writing resource. I may like it a little TOO much, but that’s because there’s so much great info and so many great connections to make.

If you’re new to the writing community on Twitter or are looking for new ways to connect with the writing and publishing communities online, I encourage you to check out these hashtags:

  • #amwriting – Maybe the most well-known writing hashtag, it’s used by writers to discuss what they’re working on in the moment. It’s grown into an entire community of writers looking to share their experiences. 
  • #amediting – The book editing process is painful. Share it with other writers and you’ll find a place to unload your stresses, revel in your victories, and ask your most tedious grammatical questions.
  • #writetip – This hashtag contains lots of (you guessed it!) writing tips. The next time you stumble on a great Word hot key, share it with the #writetip tag for your fellow authors!
  • #indieauthors – Dedicated to independent writers, this hashtag sees a lot of conversations about self-publishing, DIY marketing, and more.
  • #askagent – A tag for writers on the quest for an agent, you’ll find agents and other writers frequenting this hashtag with lots of helpful tips about landing and working with your agent.
  • #pubtip – Looking for publishing advice? Check out this hashtag to see the experiences of other writers, as well as publishers.

There’s so many more, but these are some of my favorites to get into the Twitter writing community. Have questions about what hashtags are best for your book? Let me know!

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