Writing Tips: Handy Hotkeys for Writers

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What hotkeys make your life easier as a writer?

As a writer and editor, I spend somewhere between 8 and 12 hours every day working in Microsoft Word and I very rarely use my mouse. Hotkeys, keyboard combos that offer shortcuts for menus and actions, make my life so much easier!

Here are my most-used hotkeys:

Ctrl + G – Opens the Go display box to take you to a specified place in your document.

Ctrl + K – Opens the “insert hyperlink” box – because I write a lot of blog posts, this one saves me lots of time.

Ctrl + Z/CTRL + Y – Undo/Redo.

Ctrl + Shift + * – Reveals all your formatting – a great tool if Word is acting up and you can’t figure out why it’s inserting indents.

Ctrl + Del – Deletes to the right of the cursor (the opposite of backspace).

And, most importantly, Ctrl + S, the quickest way to save your work just in case your computer crashes!

What are your most-used hotkeys?

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