Writing Tip Wednesday: Neil Gaiman on Getting Published

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Neil Gaiman is a juggernaut. His work has created a fiercely loyal fan base that he continues to grow each day through his accessibility on social media. He’s grown, too, from novels to comics and television and so much more. So, when asked how to get published, what does he say?

How to get published according to Neil Gaiman.

How do you do it? You do it.

You write.

You finish what you write.

You look for publishers who publish “that kind of thing”, whatever it is. You send them what you’ve done (a letter asking if they’d like to see a whole manuscript or a few chapters and an outline will always be welcome. And stamped self-addressed envelopes help keep the wheels turning.)

Sooner or later, if you don’t give up and you have some measurable amount of ability or talent or luck, you get published.

Read the full piece over at Neil Gaiman’s website here.

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