Worth 1000 Words: Instagram and Self-Publishing Authors

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Instagram_Logo_LargeInstagram is probably the most used app on my exceptionally well used iPhone. I snap and share probably a half a dozen photos using Instagram every day – from my breakfast to my toddler to sunsets, I love to document the little things in my life and share them.

However, self-publishing authors can make use of the platform to do a lot more than share pictures of their kids trying to eat spaghetti.

You can capture your process. Snap pictures of where you write, how you write, and when you write. This simple practice could seem frivolous, but taking the time to consciously document your work on a regular basis gives you the opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come.

You can give your readers a look into your world. Opening up a bit of your life to your readers creates a personal connection that transcends your book. It gives flight to your personal brand, providing a compelling platform for enduring success as a writer.

Finally, you can use it to – not just promote yourself – but to promote your books. Instagram contests are fun and interactive. They can get the word out about an upcoming release while growing your own followership. Want more info? Check out Instagram’s tips for running a contest.

Authors, how have you used Instagram in your self-publishing process?

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