Why Should a Self-publisher Hire a Ghostwriter?

Ever feel like you have an excellent story to tell, but lack the specific writing skills to get it down on paper? Alternatively, you might know you’re a good writer but feel ill-equipped to structure a long text or write in a new genre. Perhaps you are a better talker than you are a writer. Or maybe you are a highly skilled scribe with a winning idea, but no time to tell it.

A ghostwriter could be the answer — one that comes with built-in editing and research skills to help you in the process.

A bonus for any self-publisher is that hiring a ghostwriter can cut down on costs and time. As ghostwriting involves developmental editing (i.e. editing that occurs during the production of the text), experienced ghostwriters are well-equipped to guide you in structuring and enhancing your text as you go, thereby reducing the amount of time and money you spend on editing down the line. On top of this, they can take over more menial writing tasks while you focus on big-picture aspects of the project.

If you are writing a novel or a blog, having someone to bounce ideas off of should help you ascertain whether or not your work will have an audience, and how that audience might receive the work when it’s done. A ghost can provide a second pair of eyes and ears to help you weed out potential dead-ends as you go. As a writer, you know how refreshing a second opinion is. As a self-publisher, you know this kind of feedback is invaluable.

Established ghostwriters are likely to have contacts in the literary world (or whatever genre you’re both writing in) that could play a helpful role in getting your work noticed. They may also have a good sense of how the market works to help you promote your self-published book, and they will almost certainly be able to suggest good layout and cover designers for your book packaging.

On top of potentially guiding you through the publishing process, your ghostwriter will ultimately help you produce a well-written text, which is more likely to be read widely than a poorly-written or -structured text. Hiring a ghostwriter might be the most efficient and effective way to turn your ideas into a tangible work that is worthy of recognition and ready to be shared with the world.

Has a ghostwriter helped you reach your self-publishing goals?

Robin Field is a Linguistics Masters student from South Africa who specializes in language and gender in digital media.

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