Why Self-Publishing Entrepreneurs Need a Book Developer

Are you an entrepreneur interested in self-publishing?Self-publishing for entrepreneurs can be a long process that requires a lot more than just the ability to write a book. A successfully crafted book requires an editor, designer, and publishing expert – and, even with all of those people at your disposal, you’re still missing a website and marketing plan!

As an entrepreneur who is writing a book as an investment in your business strategy, tackling this process seamlessly saves you time and effort, leaving you with a professionally produced book that you can be proud.

So, if you’re preparing to write your book, you might consider working with a book developer to help streamline this process for the three main phases of creating your book:

1.) Writing

A book developer can help you prepare your outline, perfect your manuscript, and create a compelling narrative from your first keystroke. You’ll find your work with a developer cuts the time investment necessary to complete a book. By working together, you’ll develop a realistic schedule with deadlines that motivate you to get the word out of your head and onto paper! Book developers help you work faster and smarter!

2.) Production

Book developers will take your carefully crafted manuscript and transform it into an actual book by deploying the skills of an editor, designer, and proofreader. Many people outside of the publishing industry overlook just how complicated the production process can be. In many ways, writing a book is the easy part! After that, a team of production specialists will take your manuscript from “stack of pages” to “actual book.”

3.) Publication

As an entrepreneur, you take special care to publicize your products and services. And your book should be no different. With the finalized product in hand, it’s time to educate yourself in the ins and outs of actual book sell. So, what do you do with a recently published book? How do you have it listed on Amazon? Or for sale on Nook? Your book developer, an expert in publishing (as well as ebook development), will be able to answer these questions.

4.) Marketing

With your book published and listed for sale on all the main sites, it’s time for a sustained marketing effort that will see your book delivered to as many readers as possible. While your book developer may not be able to specifically launch a marketing plan, your team can recommend the best resources to create and carry out an effective campaign.

Entrepreneurs, what experiences have you had in self-publishing?

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