Want to Get Going on Your Writing? Start With Showing Up

When it comes to writing, most of us have this notion that the creative process can only take place in the most perfect of artistic moments: say, when espresso is in hand, incense is lit, and Enya (insert favorite relaxing music here) is playing in the background.

Sure, most writers have a favorite spot or two where they like to write, and moments of particular creative inspiration do present themselves over the course of a project. But here’s a little secret. Writing is just as much about hard work and commitment as it is about creative flow and flourish. The number one most important thing you can do to produce pages is show up at your writing desk each and every day (emergencies and crazy circumstances aside).

There will be days that you don’t feel like writing. I recommend that you show up anyway and turn on your computer. In situations like these, try doing something related to the writing task. Edit what you wrote yesterday. Do a little relevant Internet research. Read articles on writing. Call a friend and ask if she has time to help you think through an issue you are tackling in your current project.

Just keep showing up—because half the battle is staying in the swing of your writing routine. The other half—getting the writing right—can be dealt with in the coming weeks as you just…keep on showing up.

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