Using Art to Empower the Haitian Community

Since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in January there has been a lot of buzz in the media about various relief efforts directed towards the nation. In the spirit of reaching out to aid the people of Haiti, StyleMatters has begun working pro bono with Amery Jean of JAO Productions in Brooklyn, NY to produce a web site for his non-profit organization, Artists United for Haiti, which aims to use art to foster leadership and economic development within the Haitian community.

Amery founded AUH as an effort to “fuse the existing social fragmentation, thereby strengthening the Haitian community at large.” His organization targets citizens of Haiti both in their native country as well as those living abroad. The organization’s first major initiative, “Action through Arts,” is a social marketing campaign that will help raise funds for AUH and other organizations already established in Haiti.

Amery’s driving philosophy is one of empowerment rather than charity. By providing Haitians with a creative outlet to express themselves and a means to generate economic growth, he hopes to begin a healing process that will also provide the community with role models who will initiate positive change.

The site will go live within the next month and will feature music and images of paintings already produced as part of the “Action through Arts” initiative. If you wish to contribute to this very noble cause the web site will allow users to make donations via PayPal. Stay tuned for updates!

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