Twitter and Academia: Best Hashtags for Dissertation Students

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Twitter can be a powerful tool for dissertation students.As we’ve discussed before, writing your dissertation can be a lonely process. However, social media can be a productive outlet for PhD students, providing everything from connections with people who know what the process like to advice on overcoming obstacles in the road. If you’re a Twitter user, check out these hashtags:


This tag isn’t specifically for dissertation writers, but you’ll find interesting information from postdocs and other research professionals.


With this tag, you can get a lot of great information about what’s going on in the wide world of education.


As a part of your PhD program, are you teaching Freshman Writing? Join in on #FYCchat Wednesdays at 9pm ET! You can also use the tag to share info and more.


The most important tag for PhD students, though, is the #PhDchat tag. Not only is there a weekly chat, you can use the hashtag to reach out of a whole community of dissertation writers and PhD students. For more info about the structured #PhDchat, make sure you follow @NSRiazat.

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