A Review of “The Diamond Cutter”

Geshe Michael Roach has squeezed some pretty heavy concepts—how Buddhist practices can make you a better businessperson… or just a better person—into a slim book that could easily be called a page-turner. Not what you’d expect from a book that spends pages explaining Buddhist teachings from 2,500 years ago.

Authored by the first American to complete the 20 years of study required to earn the degree of geshe, or master of Buddhist learning, Roach put his decades of Buddhist practice to work in the global diamond business of New York City, and this is his story. His effort to maintain a monk’s patience, generosity and peace in the down-and-dirty Diamond District provide an amazing tale—and, surprisingly, a path anyone could follow toward financial success and personal contentment.

It’s a big claim, one that many authors have tried to make. Whether his path works or not may be up to us, the reader. But Roach writes with equal dexterity on matters of business and Buddhism, making this book both a fascinating read and an education.

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