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Does your social media say what you want it to about your business?
June 2, 2014, Leave a Comment

Social media is a pervasive aspect of contemporary life in many ways, and it can even be used to effectively boost your writing pursuits if you know how to approach […]

Have you had success securing book reviews?

Tips for Landing a Glowing Book Review

February 28, 2014, Leave a Comment

There are many ways to market your self-published book, and getting a pile of reviews to link to your website, blurb on your press release, and cite i ...

Are you targeting your sharing, or sending posts out into the void?

Targeted Sharing: Avoid the Social Media Abyss

January 10, 2014, Leave a Comment

Maybe you’re drumming up interest for a particular new self-published book, or maybe you’re just trying to build a general following for your blog ...

How close does KM say you're connected to Kevin Bacon?

Six Degrees of Knowledge Management: Why Social Network Analysis Is More Important Than Ever

January 9, 2014, Leave a Comment

Social networks are as old as human society, but our hunter-gatherer ancestors didn’t need social networking platforms or the now well-developed sci ...

  • How can editors make the most of social media?
    Social Media for Book Editors
    May 20, 2013, Leave a Comment

    Because many book editors are living the high-flying freelance lifestyle, they strive to drum up business on their own. Whether it’s through connections from time in the publishing industry or […]

  • Is Tumblr the social network for you?
    Authors, is Tumblr for You?
    May 16, 2013, Leave a Comment

    In the past, I’ve talked a lot about Pinterest and Twitter as tools for promoting your self-published books, but today I want to talk about a different platform: Tumblr. Tumblr […]