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What do you put in your press kit?
December 6, 2013, Leave a Comment

Whether you’re self-publishing, sending out query letters, or holding out for your dream publisher, odds are you already know how important promotion is for selling your book-to-be. True, signing with […]

A manuscript ready for publication. Is this your definition of success?

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing: How Do You Define Your Success?

June 26, 2013, Leave a Comment

The process of writing and publishing are, understandably, linked. Successful writers are successful because their works became available to the gener ...

Are you struggling with your author bio?

How to Write Your Author Bio for Your Book Proposal

May 7, 2013, Leave a Comment

For years, I was the assistant editor at a small press. It was my job to evaluate each book proposal we received and, while the pieces of a proposal ...


How to Win a Book Publisher: The Book Proposal

January 10, 2013, Leave a Comment

If your goal is to sign a book deal with a mainstream publisher, you’ve got to start by catching the publisher’s attention from the thousands of o ...

  • Submission Tips from an Insider’s Perspective
    August 11, 2010, Leave a Comment

    Submitting your manuscript or query letter to a publisher is a trying task. The dread of a possible rejection, combined with the hope of acceptance, creates a whirlwind of anticipation and anxiety that can leave you feeling confused and u ...