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What do you look for in an editor?
May 5, 2014, Leave a Comment

Sometimes working with an editor can be hard, this is a person you’ve hired to keep you in check, and that can sometimes result in disagreements. Keep in mind that […]

Have you had success securing book reviews?

Tips for Landing a Glowing Book Review

February 28, 2014, Leave a Comment

There are many ways to market your self-published book, and getting a pile of reviews to link to your website, blurb on your press release, and cite i ...

You know Netflix. Are you ready to get Scribd?

Should You Upload Your Self-Published Book to Scribd?

January 31, 2014, Leave a Comment

Have you heard of Scribd? It offers a monthly subscription service for book consumers that is available via all major mobile devices and tablets — t ...

What skills are needed on your knowledge management team?

Who Should Be on Your KM Team?

December 12, 2013, Leave a Comment

Introduction The best team for any job is the team that can effectively meet the client’s needs. But what sk ...

  • Use the time-honored techniques of science to build your business.
    Don’t Know Much About Taxonomy
    October 22, 2013, Leave a Comment

    Today’s knowledge management specialists must manage a rapidly expanding pool of knowledge. Without a well-designed organizational structure, gross inefficiencies will attend retrieving and amending that knowledge base, wasting time, mone ...