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May 14, 2014, Leave a Comment

As you write your dissertation, your proposal will be a guide, something to refer back to when things are getting out of hand. It’s your declaration of intent, and if […]

Are you ready to have your dissertation professionally edited?

What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Expect from Your Dissertation Editor

March 4, 2014, Leave a Comment

As a PhD student and freelance dissertation editor, I’m in the unique position of simultaneously writing my own dissertation and editing other peopl ...

Crafting a Writing Schedule for the Real World

May 3, 2010, Leave a Comment

I’ve known people who have had the luxury of taking off a year to write a book. People who have friends with a cottage in the Cotswold’s or an air ...

Want to Get Going on Your Writing? Start With Showing Up

May 3, 2010, Leave a Comment

When it comes to writing, most of us have this notion that the creative process can only take place in the most perfect of artistic moments: say, when ...