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What should you have figured out about your book when the page is blank?
June 6, 2014, Leave a Comment

Writing a manuscript is a complicated process, and while it’s tempting to just go for it when you feel like you have the beginnings of something great, you will probably […]

Can you step into someone else's story to write fanfic?

Fanfiction—A Great Writing Exercise

May 30, 2014, Leave a Comment

We all know that fanfiction doesn’t have the greatest reputation in the writing world. But the stigma that fanfic bears as frivolous, lowbrow writin ...


Services for Memoir Writers

May 16, 2014, Leave a Comment

It’s one thing to have led an interesting life and believe it will make a good read, and another to actually get it down on the page and then onto [ ...

Who can help you in your self-publishing efforts?

Who to Hire if You’re Self-publishing

May 9, 2014, Leave a Comment

Producing a book requires a lot of different roles be played. It needs a researcher, a writer, a proofreader, an editor, a book designer, and a market ...

  • Have you ever considered hiring a ghostwriter?
    What Makes a Good Ghostwriter?
    April 24, 2014, Leave a Comment

      Ghostwriters have been used throughout history as speechwriters by politicians, as lyricists by musicians (Frank Ocean began his career as a ghostwriter), and as writers and editors for novelists […]

  • How will you hire your ghostwriter?
    A Guide to Interviewing Ghostwriters
    July 20, 2013, Leave a Comment

    Are you considering having a book ghostwritten? You might be surprised to know how often it happens these days. It fuels entire franchises like Goosebumps, Sweet Valley High, and Nancy […]