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You know Netflix. Are you ready to get Scribd?
January 31, 2014, Leave a Comment

Have you heard of Scribd? It offers a monthly subscription service for book consumers that is available via all major mobile devices and tablets — think Netflix for e-pubs … […]

Are you an entrepreneur interested in self-publishing?

Why Self-Publishing Entrepreneurs Need a Book Developer

March 8, 2013, Leave a Comment

Self-publishing for entrepreneurs can be a long process that requires a lot more than just the ability to write a book. A successfully crafted book re ...

How will you prepare for your book editor's red pen?

Time to Call the Book Editor: Tips for Surviving the Editing Process

January 28, 2013, Leave a Comment

Your manuscript is complete and you’re ready to bring in the professionals to edit the book? Congratulations! This is a big moment and you’ ...

How can a book shepherd help you self-publish your book?

The Benefits of Hiring a Book Shepherd

January 7, 2013, Leave a Comment

Self-publishing doesn't mean writing and publishing your book alone. There are resources available to writers that can guide you through the process e ...

  • Get your book on the shelf!
    Self Publishing: 5 Reasons to Go Your Own Way
    May 21, 2012, 2 Comments

    Are you spending precious hours researching literary agents, endlessly reformatting your query to meet a labyrinth of specifications, and sending out your work time and time again—all to no avail? Rest easy: the traditional path to public ...