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You know Netflix. Are you ready to get Scribd?
January 31, 2014, Leave a Comment

Have you heard of Scribd? It offers a monthly subscription service for book consumers that is available via all major mobile devices and tablets — think Netflix for e-pubs … […]

Do you know how much self-publishing will cost?

How to Budget for Your Self-Published Book

November 15, 2013, Leave a Comment

Deciding to self-publish your book is a huge step. It’s not just going from “writer” to “published author” – it’s going from “writer ...


Should You Write Under a Pen Name?

August 22, 2013, Leave a Comment

You’ve written your book, made your plan to publish through traditional or self-publishing channels, and are ready to get that book into your ha ...

Questions about your book proposal?

How to Write the Perfect Book Proposal

July 22, 2013, Leave a Comment

So, you’re ready to try to sell your book to a publisher or an agent… but how? First things first, you need to work a perfect pitch to get ...