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How does your website stand out from the crowd?
December 7, 2012, Leave a Comment

Creating your author website is a crucial part of the promotions process, especially for self-published authors. It’s how you’ll represent yourself, your book, and your brand to potential readers. The […]

Greatly Exaggerated Rumors of Demise in the Publishing Industry

May 20, 2010, 1 Comment

Publishing is dead. Or it isn’t. Top publishing execs, editors and media folk recently got together at the Wharton School of Business Future of Publ ...

Google’s Electronic Bookstore Launches this Summer

May 12, 2010, 1 Comment

More details were recently released regarding Google’s plans for an electronic bookstore that will likely rival competitors like Amazon, Apple and B ...

Understanding eBook Royalties (Part 2)

May 11, 2010, Leave a Comment

As we discussed last time, the eBooks royalties game is in constant evolution. In the last article, I talked about the wholesale model of eBook royalt ...

  • Understanding eBook Royalties
    May 3, 2010, Leave a Comment

    As publishers settle into a level of comfort with authors, distributors and retailers, a few trends can be identified that are worth bringing into the open. ...