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Academic writer Megan Moreno, MD, publishes for parents
October 19, 2013, Leave a Comment

When adolescent-medicine physician and longtime academic Megan Moreno, MD, embarked on writing her first book for parents rather than professionals, she was excited to jump in, if not sure of […]

Rejections Piling Up? Ask Yourself These Questions

September 10, 2013, Leave a Comment

Getting published is hard. Most writers won’t find a place with a traditional publisher and the ones who do rarely find that success easily. As ...

Questions about your book proposal?

How to Write the Perfect Book Proposal

July 22, 2013, Leave a Comment

So, you’re ready to try to sell your book to a publisher or an agent… but how? First things first, you need to work a perfect pitch to get ...

Are you struggling with your author bio?

How to Write Your Author Bio for Your Book Proposal

May 7, 2013, Leave a Comment

For years, I was the assistant editor at a small press. It was my job to evaluate each book proposal we received and, while the pieces of a proposal ...

  • How to Find Your Book’s Evil Twin
    October 12, 2010, Leave a Comment

    In my last post, I talked about the humbling experience of coming up with a Brilliant Idea for a book about nature and mental health, only to discover that it had already been written almost exactly as I had envisioned it. This was not too ...

  • How to Craft a Winning Book Proposal
    June 16, 2010, 1 Comment

    So you’ve written a book, or have an idea that you think you could turn into a best-seller. Now what? In order to spark the interest of a publisher, you’ll […]