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February 5, 2015, Leave a Comment

If you’re a first-time author (or even if you’re a seasoned one), the importance of developing a positive working relationship with a great editor can’t be overstated.

Do you know how to avoid common errors to help your book succeed?

5 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

November 26, 2014, Leave a Comment

Here are some of the common errors that self-publishers make and how to avoid making the same ones yourself.

What process do you go through in titling your work?

Choosing a Title for Your Novel

May 28, 2014, Leave a Comment

Perhaps you have a finished manuscript and you’re struggling to title it, or perhaps you want to name your book before you can start working on it. ...

How do you experiment with writing styles?

How to Find Your Writing Style

May 26, 2014, Leave a Comment

Any writer will know that finding a style that sounds fresh but also feels genuine is not always an easy task. You don’t want to labor over somethin ...

  • Have you ever considered hiring a ghostwriter?
    What Makes a Good Ghostwriter?
    April 24, 2014, Leave a Comment

      Ghostwriters have been used throughout history as speechwriters by politicians, as lyricists by musicians (Frank Ocean began his career as a ghostwriter), and as writers and editors for novelists […]

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    How to Select Your Book Editor
    February 21, 2014, Leave a Comment

    For self-publishing authors, hiring a book editor can be a daunting task. It’s a significant financial investment in the quality of your work, so you need to be diligent in […]

  • Are degrees in self-publishing the new trend?
    Do You Need a Degree in Self-Publishing?
    February 10, 2014, 1 Comment

    The University of Central Lancashire is taking the world of self-publishing by storm with its new MA degree in self-publishing. Unlike other programs designed to walk you through the publication […]