StyleMatters Supports Words Without Borders

What if you had a message to spread, but knew that most of the world would never receive it simply because you wrote it in your native language?

That’s the reality for many contemporary writers around the world, especially in countries where political barriers make it difficult for native literature to reach a global audience.

Would you be surprised to learn that only 3% of the books published in the United States are translations? Imagine how many wonderful novels, short stories, and books of poetry, you may never have access to because they’ve never been translated into English. Think of how many voices are silenced due to poverty or political chaos, never able to reach their full potential, never able to get the kind of recognition they deserve.

Words Without Borders is dedicated to breaking down language barriers and bringing the work of some of the most talented and underappreciated authors around the globe to an English-speaking audience. Since 2003, they’ve published over 1,100 pieces from 110 countries and over 90 languages.

StyleMatters whole-heartedly applauds their effort. That’s why if you like our Facebook page now, we’ll donate $500 to support their upcoming issue of contemporary writing from Afghanistan when we reach 1,000 followers (deadline: March 12th).

It’s so simple. Please take the time now to help us reach this goal and spread the word about the importance of translation.

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