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Soltex, an industry-leading eClinical lifecycle consulting firm, hired StyleMatters to create a website that lives up to their unique approach. The result was

The StyleMatters’ approach to web design is based on teamwork and communication. Careful review of all design options gave Soltex control of the process while StyleMatters’ experts provided informed critique. Working hand-in-hand, we start from scratch; focusing on ways to combine the aesthetics and the message with leading SEO techniques to craft a site that is attractive, functional, and effective. Modern elements such as the navigation bar’s mega-menu add to the overall appeal of the site.

Consistent branding is a hallmark of StyleMatters’ web design. In each step of the process, we worked with Soltex to guarantee the aesthetics complement Soltex’s audience and mission. Building upon the Soltex logo, the site was built to match the brand, creating a uniform appearance across platforms.

With a tailored approach to the eClinical lifecycle consulting industry, the StyleMatters team crafted a custom WordPress site that combines a clean, professional feel with a technology-driven design. The development process is facilitated by a team-approach and open communication between the Soltex team, the design team, and the project manager.

The back end of a website, though, is just as important as the appearance. Behind the scenes, StyleMatters crafted an expert, results-driven SEO strategy for Soltex with Google Analytics to track traffic.

Soltex’s website represents the best of StyleMatters’ web design services: The custom design is smart and technology-driven. Cultivated through open feedback and communication, the site embodies Soltex’s mission through sleek aesthetics. The back end interface and functionality is just as vital, providing valuable insights that will deliver essential web search results.

Are you looking for a web design experience that combines expertise with a sharp eye for graphics while listening to your feedback and needs? Let us know!

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