Six Ways a Knowledge Management Firm Can Help You Overhaul Your System

What can a knowledge management firm do for you?

You’re about to tackle a project that involves facilitating data migration from one system to another at your company. You’ve drawn up a list of issues that might surface as you move forward with this ambitious task. You’re assessed the strategies and tools it will take to do the job and are thinking about using a knowledge management firm to help with the transition instead of loading all the extra work on your employees.
Maybe you’ve already drawn up a style guide and a data dictionary to help ensure consistency during the data entry process. And maybe you’re almost ready to embrace the idea that collaboration with a knowledge management firm will help ensure a seamless transition to the new system.Good idea! Knowledge management is about smoothing the bumps on the road to improved communications with your agents and customers. It’s about partnering with a team of specialists to minimize the disruptions to business that may occur while new data is being entered into the new system and the legacy system, which won’t be retired until after data migration to the new system is completed.

Here are six good reasons to use knowledge management specialists to help in the overhaul:

  1. Specialists can help minimize the possibility of missing data and empty fields and, in general, help ensure long-term, across-the-board improvement in systems efficiency.
  2. Using them will enable you to free up staffers for other tasks, such as traveling to customer service centers to help expedite deployment of new products and services.
  3. In eliminating data migration problems, specialists can help increase the efficiency of sales agents and ultimately boost customer sign-up rates.
  4. They can help equip customer service agents with the tools they need to boost customer retention rates
  5. In helping to boost the system’s efficiency, specialists will help improve  the rate of first-contact resolution of customer issues
  6. Input from specialists can help you persuade customers to use FAQs to help resolve their issues, a practice that will allow staffers to focus more often, and with greater concentration, on issues that genuinely require their expertise

Do your homework. Approach each knowledge management firm as if you are issuing a challenge. Make sure each of them is fully aware of the responsibilities involved in presenting you, their prospective client, with an unequivocal, can-do proposal.

Make it clear to the knowledge management specialists you choose that they will be confronted on a regular basis with problems that test their ability to do the job in a calm and timely manner, and with issues they might not have dealt with in previous projects. Make sure you are partnering with a knowledge management firm that is committed to helping your company reach a new level of success.

David McKenna has worked as a reporter and section editor at several daily newspapers, and as editor-in-chief at two weeklies. From 1993-1998, he published and edited Phillyfeast, a food-related bi-weekly newspaper. Since then he has worked as an advertising copywriter in various corporate settings, as an editor at AOL, as a media coordinator for a non-profit, and as a freelance writer for many newspapers and magazines.

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