Professional Book Design: The Key to Self-Publishing Success

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Will your book stand out?

You wouldn’t let an amateur perform open-heart surgery or build your house—so why does your self-publishing project deserve any less than the best? You’ve worked hard to make sure your book is as good as it can be. Let a professional book designer perfect the package so your message reaches its audience.

Elegant, professional book design looks effortless—but it certainly isn’t effortless to create! Flawless book design requires technical expertise, advanced knowledge, and a keen eye. The best book design is done with expensive, complicated software that can take years to master.

The fact is, people do judge books by their covers. If you’re self-publishing, a well-designed, eye-catching cover is absolutely essential. No matter the strength of your message, readers won’t make it past bad cover design. An unprofessional package will hurt sales and hamper your ability to reach your target audience. You wouldn’t want a layperson painting the roof of the Sistine Chapel, so why would you want anything less than a professional cover design? A beautiful cover is a masterpiece—and a good cover designer is an artist.

What about the interior of your book? A book designer won’t stop at the cover—he or she will focus on the inside of the book, too. A well-laid-out book takes thought and technical expertise, but interior design is as important as the exterior. Good typography and layout increases readability and sets your book apart. Sleek, professional design will make sure your message isn’t obscured by your medium.

Professional book design and layout, however, is about more than just a great cover and internal design. A book designer will also format and design your eBook. The eBook world is constantly changing; unless you spend your days working in eBook design and eBook conversion, it’s nearly impossible to keep up with current trends and formats. Proper formatting allows your eBook to be sold on all the major sites. Don’t alienate your audience by only publishing for a single platform! An eBook developer will make sure your book is available in every format, and will work with you to make sure your book is available through as many sales platforms as possible.

You’ve worked hard to put together a book that will grab readers’ attention. Now, make sure your package is as appealing as your message. Showcase your hard work by hiring a professional book designer to do the design work. You deserve an eye-catching layout that will boost sales and increase interest. Don’t let a bad cover or technical flaws turn readers off before they give your book a chance. Investing in your self-published book will give you the added boost needed to set your work apart. A great design and a well-executed platform will increase sales and reader recommendations. Remember, the greatest story in the world isn’t worth much without an audience! Increase your appeal and marketability with a product whose design is as strong as its content.

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    Well its good to know, thanks. Its what i always do, I make a book that catches the attention of the reader.

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