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Is Pinterest helping your project bloom?

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Pinterest is often categorized as the mommy blogger’s social network. Full of recipes, housekeeping tips, and parenting anecdotes, the moniker isn’t entirely inappropriate. However, the platform is ripe for uses for many creative types. Some people are even landing book deals based on their popular Pinterest boards.

Pinterest has become a savvy way to both display your creativity and be inspired. You can easily share things that you’re creating while also poring over the pins of others, finding new and interesting ways to develop your skills as a writer. It has an especially promising tool for people who are working together on writing projects: collaborative boards.

With collaborative boards, you and your co-author can work together, building and adding pins on a single board. This means you can collect ideas that inspire you, effectively storyboarding your upcoming projects with the photo-based social network. This can help you collaboratively shape your book in a number of ways.

(1) Character design

If you’re working on a novel, you can create pin boards for each of your characters. Collectively, you can pin outfits, people, and more as you develop the characters in your story. What does the main character’s wedding gown look like? What celebrity would play Billy in the movie adaptation? Dig deep into the physical elements of your characters to bring them to life on the page.

(2) World building

In the same way that you can breathe life into your characters through the photo-heavy posts on Pinterest, you can build a three-dimensional world in your novel. As you and your co-author explore exotic locations through pin boards focused on faraway locations, you can plot out the physical places in your book with breathtaking ease.

(3) Data and research gathering

Pinterest is also full of great data and infographics. Creating a board where you and your co-author can catalog information that is pertinent to your book gives you easy access – no matter where you are! Compile news reports, studies, and more as you research your way through the book development process.

(4) Sharing with your fans

This isn’t just about writing a book with a partner – it’s about using the book writing process to gain fans before you even publish it. So, as you are publicly developing your book, you are also exposing yourself and your co-author to the wide world of prospective readers.

(5) But keep some secrets!

Pinterest also features a handy “secret” board tool which, when you need to keep secrets, is an important tool. You don’t want to give away TOO much, lest your readers feel like they don’t actually need to read your book!

What creative ways have you found to use Pinterest as a writer?

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