Looking for New Career Opportunities? LinkedIn Just Made it Easier

Ever wish you could get the inside scoop on what’s going on at that dream company you’ve always wanted to work for? Now you can, thanks to the new “follow” feature that LinkedIn just added. The feature is very similar to those of Facebook and Twitter, but the type of information you can get from following companies on LinkedIn is much more valuable to job-seekers.

By following a company, you will be notified whenever someone is hired, promoted, leaves the company, and when new positions become available. You can also control what kind of updates you get and how often you receive them.

To start following, simply go to a company’s profile, or, if you happen to find the company on someone else’s profile, simply click on the name and an option to start following will be displayed.

So what does this mean for those of us on the job market? First of all, if you haven’t created a LinkedIn account, now is a better time than ever. LinkedIn has been growing steadily, but expect this feature to really generate a lot of buzz. Employers are likely to start heavily promoting their LinkedIn pages and job seekers who aren’t “in the know” via the social networking site may find themselves at a disadvantage. So get on LinkedIn and start following!

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