Launching Your New Book: A Virtual Celebration

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Once upon a time, authors celebrated the publication of their books with parties, readings, and signings. Often, the publisher would foot the bill, presenting their star authors – old and new – to industry insiders, as well as fans.

These days, a publisher’s publicity team will line up signings for their authors, but debut authors may find a bookstore void of buyers who would be interested in the book.

Creativity is the name of the game to get the eyes of potential book buyers onto your pages. Especially if you’ve hocking a physical book. Andrew Blackwell, author of Visit Sunny Chernobyl, recently did an interview for Media Bistro about his publicity tactics as a debut author. Blackwell knew that – as a first time author – he couldn’t expect his publisher to fly him around the country for publicity. So, he took it into his own hands and contacted his university alumni association to do a low-cost book tour.

But, as the publishing industry shifts, the funds for parties are slim and – maybe more importantly – the world of self-publishing makes the prospect of throwing a party or a reading difficult due to the nature of the process.

The world of writing has become a virtual world. These days, you can write, edit, and even publish a book without touching a single piece of paper – let alone felling a tree or two. Self-publishing, in particular, is serving as a catalyst to this digital revolution. More and more, their books are only being released in electronic versions, their fans amassed via social networks who live all around the world.

So how, in this new world, should authors celebrate the publication of their books? A virtual book launch, that’s how! Join us later this week for some tips on just how to throw an awesome virtual book launch party.

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