How a Ghostwriter Can Guide You to Success

KeyboardWhat exactly is ghostwriting? A ghostwriter is someone you hire to help you perfect the format of your message. Your story is still your story, told in your words; a ghostwriter is simply someone you’ve hired to refine your delivery. Hundreds of traditionally published books on the market are produced with the help of a ghostwriter, from bestselling fiction series to tell-all celebrity memoirs.

Let’s face it: writing is difficult, and great writing is even harder. Not everyone with a compelling story or inspiring message is a great writer—but that shouldn’t stop them from getting their message out! A professional ghostwriter has the experience, know-how, and track record of success necessary to make sure your message is presented in the most compelling way possible. A great ghostwriter will bring your book to life.

Writing is also incredibly time-consuming. You have the story, but you might not have the time to tell it. Writing a book can require an enormous amount of research and fact-checking, or extensive time spent developing a narrative. Hiring a ghostwriter means you can focus on the things that matter to you: building a platform, connecting with your audience, and perfecting your message. Free yourself to concentrate on what energizes you, not what bogs you down.

So much more than just writing and research goes into the creation of a book. There’s also developmental editing—making sure your message is clear and flows well, and your story engages your audience. There’s copyediting and proofreading—ensuring your book is consistently styled and free of embarrassing typographical or grammatical errors. There’s proper formatting—laying out your book so that a book designer can easily undertake eBook conversion and complete the layout. A ghostwriter will be there with you every step of the way, helping you create a book, not just a manuscript.

Hiring a ghostwriter is especially valuable for authors who plan to self-publish. e-Book publishing requires extensive technical knowledge and the ability to navigate the murky waters of confusing self-publishing platforms. A skilled ghostwriter will shepherd you through the process, from laying out your book to uploading it to Amazon and other sales platforms. A ghostwriter can help you set your self-published project apart from the pack: overseeing the production process, providing a fresh set of eyes, streamlining your message, and guiding you through design. Traditionally published writers get all of these benefits, and you deserve the same care and attention to your work. A ghostwriter will guarantee your book will leap to the head of its class.

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