Four Tips for Great Web Copy

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Your website’s got words, but are they words that matter? Great copy details your products or services, contact information, blogs, and more… but what attracts a potential customer is investing your time, energy, and resources in developing copy that speaks to your audience.

The following tips can help newbie website owners as well as established ones, create and maintain a great looking traffic pulling web content.

 1.     Knowing Web Audience:

A web visitor is very different from a brick and mortar customer. He is short of time, knows what he wants, and demands instant interaction. This gives your web audience the power to hire or fire your website content. A single grammatical mistake or poor word choice can encourage your prospective customer to navigate away from the page. Therefore, it is vital to know your audience and design a great content strategy. This includes your audience’s personal preference, browsing patterns, demographics and personal objectives when visiting your website. Professional content strategy can help you deliver visitor friendly web content which they not only visit themselves but also share with their social media friends.

2.     Knowing Vital Keywords:

Knowing your web audience starts by knowing your website business. How is a potential customer or visitor looking for the product or service you are selling? How are people searching for the topic you are writing about? The answer is in user keywords. Synchronizing these relevant keywords in your website content so much so that it delivers your business objectives should be the way to go. The same SEO rich content can be used for designing social media marketing plans that can continue your growth online.

3.     Be informative:

An effective content strategy should cover your vital service selling points while giving your content a competitive edge. Structure your content in a way that it highlights your business’ major strengths in line with what the customer wants.

 4.     Avoid the Hard Sell:

You want to sound genuine, unique, and useful to your customers. Aim to create web copy that is generally appealing and informative, but know that the average visitor to your site is intelligent enough to sense the hard sell. Adopting a well-researched, factual, and argumentative style that sells your products without giving it a pushy touch should be the way to go.

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