Facebook Introduces New Q&A Feature

Facebook is currently beta testing a new application that will allow users to ask questions and receive publicly posted answers from experts, much like Q&A sites such as Wiki Answers, Aardvark, Yahoo Answers and AnswerBag. For businesses and organizations, this app will provide yet another way to generate traffic to your page and to showcase your strengths to potential clients.

Most of us have already had the importance of social networking in marketing and branding drilled into our brains, but in case you haven’t already heard it touted enough, Facebook says that “Your expert writing will be seen by tens of millions of people — including job recruiters,” or at least has the potential to reach a fairly large audience if the app gains in popularity. And it seems likely that it will, based on the enormous popularity of Q&A web sites and the fact that Facebook.com currently claims the second highest traffic of any site on the Internet (Google.com holds first place). It’s hard to imagine the application’s addition to the social networking site being anything but a perfect marriage.

To become a beta tester, you must first submit three questions and answers to Facebook for approval. If approved, this will provide you with your initial content.

Further official details from Facebook are pending, but if you or your organization would like to become a beta tester, this link will take you to the application page.

The Q&A feature could be a great way to generate credibility quickly and build goodwill between your organization and prospective clients. Of course, generating quality responses takes time and effort, so make sure you have the resources to keep up with demand if you choose to jump on board!

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