Content Strategy and Your Blog

How can you keep your blog running on full steam?
Setting up and sticking to a blogging strategy is difficult – not just because of the work you have to put in to establish on the front end – but the work that goes into maintaining it. Sticking to your guns and writing posts can slip off of your “to do” list… and not reappear for weeks (or months). Use these tips to keep on your blog schedule.

1. Your “drafts” are your friends

Reading something online that inspires you? Send yourself a quick email or, better yet, open up a draft in your blog’s dashboard. Include the link to your inspiration along with a few bullet points of description, but don’t let yourself get too caught up. 30 seconds or so is all it should take. Later, dedicate time to adding these entries to your calendar, writing the posts, and keep the momentum going on your blog.

2. Guest posts are great

People who blog – for their businesses, their books, or their sanity – all know the sinking feeling of staring at your website as the days slip by without a new post. So, reach out to bloggers who you respect and ask about guests posts. Off to write one and offer to host one. This is a great way to build valuable relationships and keep your blog fresh.

3. When in doubt, crowd source

Need new ideas? Try asking your audience. Tweet about it. Facebook it. Post a LinkedIn update. Email your colleagues. Ask for suggestions… and ask them to ask questions. Whether they’re asking questions about your services or suggesting topics based on previous posts, you’ll find inspiration in their words. This is a great way to make sure you’re addressing the issues your audience is interested in!

4. Blog about blogging

Sometimes getting over the hump is as easy as acknowledging the hump exists. Tell your readers that you’re having trouble putting the proverbial pen to paper. Use this as an opportunity to talk about your process and see if your readers have any insights that they can share.

5. Never stop reading

Make good use of your favorite RSS app or Google Reader so that you’re reading blog regularly. Find inspiration in the words of others. Read books. Fiction, non-fiction, it doesn’t matter so long as you’re reading. Keep your Kindle or other e-reader full of books and set aside time daily to enjoy them. Subscribe to magazines and leave them by your bedside for bedtime reading. Enjoying the writing of others helps you develop your own skills and feeds your mind ideas that will keep your well running over.

What are your favorite ways to find inspiration for your blog?

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