Dissertation Editors: The Key to a Successful Dissertation

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Your dissertation is the culmination of your academic career, and no doubt you want it to be the best paper possible. You may feel that it’s up to you to struggle through major difficulties—but did you know you can hire a dissertation editor to support you in your process? Sometimes, bringing in outside help can be an essential part of completing your dissertation.

Here are three signs you might need to hire an editor:

1. You’re struggling to meet your deadlines. Your dissertation editor can’t write your paper for you, but she can work closely with you to keep you on task. She can help you set realistic daily or weekly goals, develop a schedule, and maintain accountability. She can help you streamline your process by fleshing out your existing outline, or target specific areas that need further research and development. She can help you identify milestones you’ve already achieved and keep you motivated all the way to the finish line.

2. You’re spending more time citing than writing. Academic style guides can be a labyrinth of arcane regulations, and even the sharpest writers often have trouble keeping track of styling requirements. If you’re finding styling and citation rules are getting in the way of your ability to write, consider hiring a dissertation editor. He can do the tedious work of making sure your paper is styled according to your required style guide, leaving you to write more efficiently and creatively. You don’t have to waste time and energy on nitpicky details that keep you from doing your best work.

3. You’re having trouble with structuring your dissertation. You have the research, you’ve done the legwork, and you know your topic inside and out. So why are you still staring at a blank computer screen, unsure of where to start? Structuring your paper can be the most difficult piece of the puzzle. A dissertation editor can help you develop an outline and determine the structure of your paper, allowing you to write more effectively and with clear goals in mind.

Remember, at the end of the day, the person doing the work is you—not your dissertation editor. But a good editor can help you quickly identify problems, stick to your goals, and organize the flow of your paper for maximum impact. You don’t have to struggle through sticking points without help.

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