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February 5, 2015, Leave a Comment

If you’re a first-time author (or even if you’re a seasoned one), the importance of developing a positive working relationship with a great editor can’t be overstated.

What do you look for in an editor?

Working with an Editor

May 5, 2014, Leave a Comment

Sometimes working with an editor can be hard, this is a person you’ve hired to keep you in check, and that can sometimes result in disagreements. Ke ...

Familiar enough with Word to finish your book?

Using Word with Your Book Editor

November 22, 2013, Leave a Comment

As you prepare to work with your book editor, it’s crucial to take some time to learn the ins and outs of Microsoft Word’s editing and collaborati ...

How can editors make the most of social media?

Social Media for Book Editors

May 20, 2013, Leave a Comment

Because many book editors are living the high-flying freelance lifestyle, they strive to drum up business on their own. Whether it’s through con ...

  • Mobile Apps
    The Best Mobile Resources for Editors
    July 25, 2012, Leave a Comment

    As life become more and more fast-paced, mobility has become a key element in the life of most professionals. Editors, who often work in non-traditional offices (like your home or Starbucks), need to find a balance between mobility and prod ...