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What should you have figured out about your book when the page is blank?
June 6, 2014, Leave a Comment

Writing a manuscript is a complicated process, and while it’s tempting to just go for it when you feel like you have the beginnings of something great, you will probably […]

What process do you go through in titling your work?

Choosing a Title for Your Novel

May 28, 2014, Leave a Comment

Perhaps you have a finished manuscript and you’re struggling to title it, or perhaps you want to name your book before you can start working on it. ...

What do you find helpful in researching your book?

Researching Your Novel

May 21, 2014, Leave a Comment

While writing a novel is a creative process, it requires a solid foundation, or the finished product will not ring true to its readers. A good novel w ...

What goes into packaging and designing your book?

Book Packaging Checklist: What Your Book Packager Needs

November 12, 2013, Leave a Comment

Preparing your book for publication? You may find yourself working with a book packager, someone who specializes in taking your manuscript and transfo ...

  • Siri, can you boost my word count?
    Gadgets and Apps to Boost Your Word Count
    August 1, 2013, Leave a Comment

    We’ve talked a lot about using timers to boost your overall productivity here on the StyleMatters’ blog. Whether it’s a community or competition-based writing sprint to challenge yourself to write […]