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February 5, 2015, Leave a Comment

If you’re a first-time author (or even if you’re a seasoned one), the importance of developing a positive working relationship with a great editor can’t be overstated.

Do you know how to avoid common errors to help your book succeed?

5 Common Self-Publishing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

November 26, 2014, Leave a Comment

Here are some of the common errors that self-publishers make and how to avoid making the same ones yourself.

What should you have figured out about your book when the page is blank?

Prospective Novelists: What to Know Before You Start Writing

June 6, 2014, Leave a Comment

Writing a manuscript is a complicated process, and while it’s tempting to just go for it when you feel like you have the beginnings of something gre ...

What process do you go through in titling your work?

Choosing a Title for Your Novel

May 28, 2014, Leave a Comment

Perhaps you have a finished manuscript and you’re struggling to title it, or perhaps you want to name your book before you can start working on it. ...

  • What do you find helpful in researching your book?
    Researching Your Novel
    May 21, 2014, Leave a Comment

    While writing a novel is a creative process, it requires a solid foundation, or the finished product will not ring true to its readers. A good novel will always be […]

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    Services for Memoir Writers
    May 16, 2014, Leave a Comment

    It’s one thing to have led an interesting life and believe it will make a good read, and another to actually get it down on the page and then onto […]

  • What do you look for in an editor?
    Working with an Editor
    May 5, 2014, Leave a Comment

    Sometimes working with an editor can be hard, this is a person you’ve hired to keep you in check, and that can sometimes result in disagreements. Keep in mind that […]