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How do you avoid dissertation pitfalls?
November 11, 2014, Leave a Comment

Here are some of the common pitfalls for writing a dissertation, and some ideas for how to avoid them.

What do you need in your workspace?

Designing Your Writing Habitat

November 3, 2014, Leave a Comment

Successful writers and academics tend to have at least one thing in common: they know what they need to get a writing project done

Do you brainstorm throughout a project?

Brainstorming for Beginners

June 9, 2014, Leave a Comment

It’s summertime again, and for me that means teaching an accelerated research writ ...

How do you think your literature review can help your dissertation process?

How to Write a Literature Review

May 23, 2014, Leave a Comment

An important part of writing a thesis or dissertation is writing a solid literature review. The aim of a literature review is to give your reader a se ...

  • Don't get tripped up by the calendar
    Dissertate at Your Own Pace
    April 22, 2014, Leave a Comment

    With any major writing project, motivation is a key factor in determining whether or not you will finish. With your dissertation, your motivation is, ostensibly, to finish so that you […]

  • How do you beat the blank page?
    Beating Blank Page Syndrome
    March 11, 2014, Leave a Comment

    Last week I wrote about what to expect when you hire a dissertation editor. But what if you’re not even ready to think about the possibility of using dissertation editing […]