Can LinkedIn’s InMaps Help You Promote Your Book?

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One of LinkedIn’s InMaps.

If you’ve made the decision to market your self-published book on your own, the process starts with you and your network. Your first step will be the people you know personally and professionally. From there, you’ll grow to reach audiences far beyond your original connections.

It’s a confusing and overwhelming world, though. Trying to navigate the potential volatile seas of promoting your book without your personal and professional networks deleting all your emails is challenging… which is why LinkedIn’s InMaps are a powerful tool for self-publishers.

Haven’t heard of LinkedIn’s InMaps? The chief scientist over at LinkedIn says it’s the answer to the question, “What does my network look like?”

But it’s much more than that.

InMaps gives you a comprehensive look at your entire network, showing not only who you’re connected to, but how your colleagues, friends, and family are connected to each other, as well.

This novel tool gives authors a leg-up on self-promotion in a number of ways.

First, you can see exactly where your network is strongest. If you’re looking for promotional avenues, it’s important to start where you’ve got the most robust connections. A few clicks and you can see exactly where you’re best connected. Is it fellow authors you’ve met on your publishing journey? Is it graduates from your masters program? Or maybe it’s co-workers from your dayjob?

Second, you can see exactly where your online network is weakest. As you create your marketing plan, you need to scrutinize all possible avenues of promotion. If you see that your LinkedIn network is lacking connections from your profession and, instead, is overrun by fellow authors you know from Twitter, it’s time to beef up and make connections with your co-workers to tell your full story.

Third, you can clearly trace the interconnectivity between your various networks. Knowing where you have mutual friends breeds opportunities for cross-promotion. As authors working to publicize our books, it’s refreshing to know that you have allies in different circles of influence. Empower each other and work to spread the word about your books within both circles!

Being able to visualize your network – including prospective book-buyers, endorsements, and more – is one of LinkedIn’s most interesting features. Have you created your InMap? How are you using it to promote your book?

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