CAM 2010: Inspiration, Action and Celebration

I had a terrific last week at Conversation Among Masters (or “CAM”) 2010 in Sante Fe!  For those who may not have heard of it, CAM is an intimate gathering of 150-200 master-level executive and life coaches – leaders in their fields – who come together from around the world every year to share experiences, epiphanies and inspired calls to action from the past 12 months.

We were lucky to be invited to CAM for the first time last year, and so we welcomed the opportunity to participate as a sponsor again in 2010. CAM hosts an amazingly articulate and inspiring group of individuals – all of whom reminded me that ideas are only as good as the words that communicate them.

The event is hosted by two legendary coaching divas, Laura Berman Fortgang ( and Phyllis Haynes (,  who share in leading the veteran coaches through ongoing conversations, such as building non-profit coaching organizations and initiatives, evaluating the impact of social media on the social and corporate landscape, and challenging the coaching industry to reach a greater diversity of audiences in profound and innovative ways.

The conversations are driven by a lineup of phenomenal speakers on the CAM agenda. This year we were honored to hear from Eva Wong, a leading feminist and coach in China; Jury des Jardins,  co-founder of; and Brian Johnson, founder of the Philosopher’s Notes and nothing short of an inspirational force of nature.

In addition to enjoying many smaller conversations with familiar and new faces from around the world, I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian at length at one of the dinners. What struck me most about him is that at age 35, he has achieved an awareness of existence that many of us never achieve. And yet, our conversation was as casual and relaxed as could be. We spoke about everything from Lehman Brothers to bean sprouts, and it was a pleasure to get to know him a bit.

Thanks to everyone for welcoming us back to CAM again this year – see you all in Asheville in 2011!

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