Building a Better Coaching Website: Essential Elements of an Effective Coaching Site

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There are few businesses more personal than coaching. Whether you’re providing essential support as an entrepreneur grows her small business or building effective teams in large corporations, you put yourself on the line as a coach.

And that’s why it’s vital to create the best possible website to sell yourself, your ideas, and your coaching business. To build a better coaching website, remember…

Your brand is yourself. For all businesses, a human element is essential to branding efforts. However, for coaches, the human element is the most important. Your coaching business is you. To that end, think of your website as the combination of your business brand and your personal brand. It should represent your mission and your personality, creating an appealing balance that potential clients will trust.

You need an editor. As a coach, you are a master of your field. You’ve invested your life in becoming an expert, but you need a strong support system that includes a shrewd editor for all of your static copy. Even if you’re an accomplished writer, editing your own work can be a challenge. Investing the time (and money) in an editor with an eye for web copy guarantees that you are communicating all of your ideas in a clear, web-friendly fashion.

You need a designer. Once your text is finalized, it’s time to think about how it will be presented on your site. A professional designer takes your brand, your offerings, and your message and weaves them into a veritable basecamp for your business. From your virtual basecamp, you will launch marketing efforts and cultivate a devoted customer base, setting you up for a successful campaign to build your business. Don’t risk losing prospective clients because of an unattractive site!

Your blog is your friend. When things get busy, the blog can often escape your keyboard – your fingers and mind refocusing on this that seem more important. However, when your business is all online, it’s essential to keep the blog alive. Not only does it reassure potential clients that you’re invested and active in your industry, it bolsters your SEO and funnels potential clients directly to your site. Even when things get busy, the best way to build a better site is to keep the blog alive.

Customers don’t like the hard sell. There’s a fine line between demonstrating your prowess and pushing your potential clients to the website of another coach. If you want to keep customers away from the back button, keep your text digestible because walls of words do not attract readers. Additionally, keep your most important information “above the fold.” Customers shouldn’t have to scroll to find vital information!


Coaches, do you have any questions about building or refreshing your website?

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