Big Changes at LinkedIn

Are you ready for the new LinkedIn?2012 is a year of big changes at LinkedIn. Back in April, they launched their innovative new iPad app. In July, they announced that they were parting ways with Twitter, meaning you could no longer sync your140 character updates with your status messages. Finally, LinkedIn purchased about $4m in intellectual property from Digg, including the patent for Digg’s “click a button to vote up a story” feature. All the changes are leading up to a site overhaul that is designed to keep LinkedIn relevant in a cut-throat battle of fast-growing social networks.

LinkedIn fills a specific niche. It’s the professional’s social network, giving you the opportunity to stay connected with past coworkers and make new connections to further your career. It’s about your personal brand, but – with personal branding networks like Pinterest driving more web traffic than LinkedIn, YouTube, and MySpace combined – the lines between professional branding and personal branding are blurring.

So these vital changes will make it stand out as an essential element of your online presence.

Their new app gives you on-the-go access, allowing you to make changes to your profile, shared information, and make connections while you’re on the train to work. This move encourages users to consider sharing an update on LinkedIn just like they’d send a tweet.

Relatedly, removing the link with Twitter encourages users to visit LinkedIn to share content that is targeted to their professional audience. This move is aimed at increasing the amount of time you spend on the site which is currently an average of 17 minutes/month (whereas Facebook is 6 hours and 33 minutes).

With the new LinkedIn sharing technology, the content you post will be shared more effectively, presumably giving you the ability to up-vote stories, increasing their reach across the network. Further, it means that you’ll see the most popular stories, streamlining your LinkedIn time as you scroll less to find better content. This, of course, means that you’ll want to focus what you share to keep it applicable.

With these new features LinkedIn seems poised to provide its users with a refreshed, better experience. Here at StyleMatters, we’re excited to see LinkedIn’s makeover. You can connect with us here to see how we make use of the new design!

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