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SM Jan Newsletter - Healthier You
January 4, 2013, Leave a Comment

As a freelancer writer and editor, I understand deadlines, building new client relationships and managing project timelines. As a certified health coach, I know that the better I feel, the […]

Self-publishing your way to a best-seller.

Self-Publishing: Could your book be the next bestseller?

August 22, 2012, 1 Comment

The world of self-publishing is all grown up. Once seen as the last resort for authors who couldn’t get a book deal, self-publishing is now a boomin ...


What’s Your Favorite Advice on Writing?

April 11, 2012, Leave a Comment

Wanna-be writers are always on the lookout for great advice to inspire them. How can they break into the writing club? People often don’t like my ad ...


The After Cancer Diet

November 11, 2011, Leave a Comment

Simple steps to a healthy diet and lifestyle for cancer survivors.

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    Suzanne Boothby
    January 10, 2010, Comments Off on Suzanne Boothby

    Suzanne is a Principal Editor at StyleMatters. She has been researching, writing and editing about holistic health and wellness, food politics and gardening for more than a decade. She has […]