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Academic writer Megan Moreno, MD, publishes for parents
October 19, 2013, Leave a Comment

When adolescent-medicine physician and longtime academic Megan Moreno, MD, embarked on writing her first book for parents rather than professionals, she was excited to jump in, if not sure of […]

How will you take charge of your talent?

How To Take Charge of Your Talent

April 29, 2013, Leave a Comment

Talent—you have it, but are you using it? Whether it’s your own talent or that of your people, chances are you may be leaving some of it on the ta ...


How to Win a Book Publisher: The Book Proposal

January 10, 2013, Leave a Comment

If your goal is to sign a book deal with a mainstream publisher, you’ve got to start by catching the publisher’s attention from the thousands of o ...

How will you write more this year?

Your Four-Part Prescription for Writing More in 2013

January 4, 2013, 1 Comment

Is this your year to write? If you’ve got the impulse and are ready to make good on your promise to yourself to put more words to paper (or screen) ...

  • Freedom
    StyleMatters Presents: Beating Asthma
    May 15, 2012, Leave a Comment

    In Beating Asthma: Seven Simple Principles, Stephen Apaliski, MD, provides the allergist’s “secret” plan for combating an illness that more than 25 million Americans struggle with every day. This month is National Asthma month: spread ...

  • GrowonPurpose
    StyleMatters Presents: Grow on Purpose
    May 15, 2012, 2 Comments

    These days, everyone wants to grow and develop…the question is—how do you engage in that growth without burning yourself out? Executive business coach and world champion martial artist Doug Autenrieth […]

  • Summit Featured
    New from StyleMatters: Back to the Summit
    March 6, 2012, Leave a Comment

    “You’ll never walk again.” StyleMatters client and California Senator Omer Rains had been a politician on the global stage, a power-broking lawyer of A-list celebrities, and conqueror of some of […]