Arrive Prepared: Professional Conference Checklist, Part 1

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As a habitual convention attendee. I love to meet new people and learn new things, so I’ve got packing and planning for a professional conference down to a science. If you’re heading out to a conference, take a look at these helpful tips to streamline your pre-conference planning process:

(1)   Outfits!

Think ahead and plan your wardrobe for the conference, packing outfits together rather than simply tossing random articles of clothing into your suitcase a few hours before your plane takes off. Get specific, too! For each day, select everything you’ll need from your socks and shoes to your accessories!

(2)   Takin’ care of business

Take inventory on your business cards now. If you don’t have enough, get them ordered well in advance and don’t forget them on the kitchen table! Sites like Overnight Prints produce quality cards at a reasonable price. Save extra cash by doing a quick Google search for coupon codes.

(3)   Can you hear me now?

Convention centers are notorious for terrible cell service that leaves your phone searching for a signal… and dead by noon. Make sure to pack a charger in your daytime bag to give your phone a boost at a coffee shop.

(4)   Know where you’re going

Know your schedule…and, just in case, keep a copy on your phone. And, for good measure, keep a hardcopy in your daytime bag, as well (just in case your phone is dead!). Keep your schedule as detailed as possible, including room numbers for each of your events.

(5)   It’s all about who you know

Connect with convention attendees prior to the convention through social media like Twitter. Seek out the popular hashtags to follow conversations and possibly take part in a Tweet-up or two.

(6)   Avoid the dreaded “conference crud”

All too often, you leave a conference exhausted and, within a day or two, you’re too sick to crawl out of bed. Avoid the post-convention sickness by staying hydrated, sanitizing your hands, and taking vitamin C supplements before, during, and after you convention experience.

What are your essentials for conference preparation?

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