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Do you brainstorm throughout a project?
June 9, 2014, Leave a Comment

It’s summertime again, and for me that means teaching an accelerated research writing course. I’ve been teaching research and writing skills to undergrads for several years now, and in my […]

What should you have figured out about your book when the page is blank?

Prospective Novelists: What to Know Before You Start Writing

June 6, 2014, Leave a Comment

Writing a manuscript is a complicated process, and while it’s tempting to just go for it when you feel like you have the beginnings of something gre ...

What kind of work goes into preparing your book?

Tips for Preparing Your Self-Published Book

June 4, 2014, Leave a Comment

Self-publishing can be a tricky business. While it definitely holds its own merits and rewards, it also comes with a set of guaranteed challenges—ch ...

Does your social media say what you want it to about your business?

Managing Your Social Media Presence

June 2, 2014, Leave a Comment

Social media is a pervasive aspect of contemporary life in many ways, and it can even be used to effectively boost your writing pursuits if you know h ...