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Is the Internet holding you back as a writer?
September 25, 2013, Leave a Comment

As a writer, what is distracting you from composing your best possible book? Is it possible that something as simple as an active internet connection is a stumbling block to […]

What will you use to build your self-publishing author website?

Website Essentials for Self-Publishing Authors

September 19, 2013, Leave a Comment

As a self-publishing author, it’s important to have a base camp for your promotions, reviews, and general information. For most, that platform i ...

Rejections Piling Up? Ask Yourself These Questions

September 10, 2013, Leave a Comment

Getting published is hard. Most writers won’t find a place with a traditional publisher and the ones who do rarely find that success easily. As ...


Swapping Ego for EQ: How More Leaders Can Stay on Top

September 1, 2013, Leave a Comment

The number of CEOs who get terminated or lose their post at the top is stunning. Executive coach, author, and StyleMatters’ client Jen Shirkani remi ...