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A manuscript ready for publication. Is this your definition of success?
June 26, 2013, Leave a Comment

The process of writing and publishing are, understandably, linked. Successful writers are successful because their works became available to the general public and they sold lots of copies. However, as […]

What are you selling via Twitter?

How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Self-Published Book

June 19, 2013, Leave a Comment

I’ve been working in social media for 5 years and one of the most frequently asked questions I hear is: how do you SELL anything on Twitter? Avo ...

How can a knowledge management strategy benefit your business?

How Knowledge Management Strategies Can Benefit All Companies

June 19, 2013, Leave a Comment

Even companies that do not, at first glance, appear to have a great deal of knowledge to manage often suffer inefficiencies from pervasive knowledge m ...

Can a dissertation editor help you keep your head above water?

Keeping Your Head Above Water: Dissertation Editing and Writing Tips

June 18, 2013, Leave a Comment

There’s a lot about dissertation editing and writing that can leave you feeling muddled and confused. As you balance your research and work with ...

  • How do you use hashtags?
    What Are Hashtags?
    June 14, 2013, Leave a Comment

    With Facebook rolling out functional hashtags, I’ve seen quite a few people question what, exactly, they are. Some are even asking if they’re still a viable “feature” in the evolving […]

  • What are you doing with your rejection letters?
    Writing Tip Wednesday: Rejection
    June 5, 2013, Leave a Comment

    If you’ve been pitching your project to agents and publishers, you’ve likely worked up quite the stack of rejection letters. So, how do you cope with the rejection? Here are […]