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How will you create your crowdfunding video?
March 27, 2013, Leave a Comment

Okay, so you’ve decided – after much careful analysis – that it’s time to try crowdfunding as the way to fund your self-publishing efforts. Congrats! It’s scary to put yourself […]

Are you an entrepreneur interested in self-publishing?

Why Self-Publishing Entrepreneurs Need a Book Developer

March 8, 2013, Leave a Comment

Self-publishing for entrepreneurs can be a long process that requires a lot more than just the ability to write a book. A successfully crafted book re ...

What's your go-to grammar and style guide?

Writing Tip Wednesday: Helpful Reads

March 7, 2013, Leave a Comment

Happened upon a couple of interesting reads this week to strengthen and enrich your writing. Here’s a few favorites: Yahoo’s “7 Bonu ...

What do you think when someone says "ghostwriter"?

Ghostwriting: It’s Not Just For Books

March 4, 2013, Leave a Comment

Occasionally, I’ll be out with friends or colleagues and the topic of ghostwriting will come up. In particular, someone will ask what, exactly, ...