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Do you know how many pages your book will be?
December 20, 2012, Leave a Comment

Last time, we talked about how to approximate the word count for your book. Armed with the word count, you can then estimate your book’s length… and only then can […]


Four Tips for Great Web Copy

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Relevant, concise, grammatically correct and punchy content is the answer to forming a great website. Content is king thus making a sound content stra ...

Manuscript in progress

How to Calculate an Accurate Castoff: Book Pages, Signatures, and More (Part I)

December 14, 2012, Leave a Comment

In 2006, when I started my first job in the publishing industry as a lowly assistant editor, one of the first tasks I was given was to “calculate th ...

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Shift Happens: A Book to Bring Tech Immigrants and Natives Together

December 10, 2012, Leave a Comment

Look around the room, the country or the planet today, and the degree to which technology and innovation have permeated human existence may seem astou ...

  • How does your website stand out from the crowd?
    Tips for Creating a Great Author Website
    December 7, 2012, Leave a Comment

    Creating your author website is a crucial part of the promotions process, especially for self-published authors. It’s how you’ll represent yourself, your book, and your brand to potential readers. The […]